As the solar industry continues to boom all a crossed the country, more and more people are becoming big advocates of the clean energy mission. Last year alone, the solar industry provided thousands of jobs and helped boost the economy in those states so it would make sense to say that solar has more benefits than just saving our planet and saving us money, it BOOSTS our economy as well.

With most states in the Northeast and West jumping on the solar power model, one would think that Florida would be one of the states that is massively hopping on board with the opportunity to clean our environment and save people money. Also since they are the “Sunshine State” and being ranked third in the states in rooftop solar potential by The Solar Energy Industries Association. However when it comes to terms of installed capacity, they come in 12th. Despite some growth in commercial solar, the number of Florida households getting solar panels is not projected to squeak past 100 a year until 2021, a paltry rate for a state with more than 20 million residents.

This creates a BIG problem for huge solar fan in the state of Florida and is solely because the huge utility companies are creating laws and doing everything under the sun to keep their dollars. The sun now has all the utility companies around the county shaking at the thought of losing money to something that cannot be controlled and letting people be self-reliant by creating their own power. They have gone as far as creating a law that makes it nothing less than painful to have solar on your home and because of that, Florida produces less than 1% of its energy from solar.

“To really grow solar and see it take off in Florida you need to have good policies, we’ve already gotten to the point where cost of solar keeps dropping and everyday people are talking about it, this isn’t just for hippies anymore. And we are slowly seeing Florida moving in a positive direction.” -Alyssa Schafer, Communications Manager for Clean Energy.


As solar continues to rise in popularity and the word is out that it’s the best thing one can do for the environment and their savings, it’ll help expedite the nothing short of complex process for solar in Florida. Thankfully, when that time comes, We’re ready to give people the best prices and provide the best solar for all Floridians who are eagerly waiting to put solar panels on their roof and their neighbors.

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