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Solar is on the huge rise in Utah with tremendous growing numbers every year. The Utility companies are trying their best to fight what’s going on but with so much demand for solar, they’re forced to make a choice to level the playing field.

they typical Utah rooftop solar customer was receiving about $400 in subsidize from other customers so we have proposed a rate change for future solar customers. They would pay less for the energy they use form us, but they would also be credited for that same amount for the energy that they produce. their monthly bill will more accurately reflect the power they’re using. -Murphy, Rocky Mountain Power


What’s forcing them to do this is the rate that solar is growing in Utah and after paying out about 6.5 million$/year and will grow as people keep getting solar, forcing the lower rate so that it can maintain and sustain. Multiple meetings with rooftop solar experts, environmentalists and steak holders to see if they can reach some sort of settlement or agreement to make sure the solar industry has a bright future in Utah. The Utah public service commission will evaluate the rate changes proposal and make a decision this august.

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