Net Meter Debate To End In UT!

The net metering debate between utility regulators and solar home owners might finally get resolved. With 2016 doubling in numbers of solar growth in Utah from the prior year, Rocky Mountain Power in Provo is trying to put an end to their excess net metering payout if...

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Future of Solar Energy

In Brooklyn, New York, a group of people are wiring their solar systems together and creating a solar colony. They say it’s a few years away from working properly, but they’re coming up with a system to sell excess energy to others that are a part of the grid line....

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar can be complicated when it gets down to the nitty-gritty but this video does an amazing job of helping you understand the basics of how solar works. The Eath intecepts a lotof solar power.  173...

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California Costs Go Up $4k-$6k July 1st, 2017

The cost of solar is about to get more expensive for utility customers of Southern California Edison.  July 1st of 2017 new fees will be added to all new solar customers.  Those that install before the July 1st deadline will be grandfathered in and not pay those fees....

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Utah Extends Solar Tax Credits!

Great news for environmental advocates in the state of Utah!  All residents that decide to go solar in 2017 will receive a $2,000 tax credit which means faster savings!  The tax credit will go until 2021 but will go down by $400 per year so those that move fastest...

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Lori H.

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