New York isn’t known for being a sunny state, as a matter of fact they have more weather warnings about freezing weather than they do sun. They have absolutely proved that you don’t have to be a “top sunny year around city” that is projected to have better sun lighting than others to make solar panels be a wise investment. While at it, they have also had tremendous solar growth in New York City, The Bronx area and Brooklyn to name a few, but what is the reason behind their solar success?

Some other states like Florida, have the perfect weather, but lack incentives for going solar due to the companies that are trying to shut solar down to keep their pockets big. Sorry to say, but it’s going to happen anyway. In New York, due to generous city and state tax breaks while the cost of solar is plummeting create the perfect equation for solar to be an absolute no brainer. The exciting part is that most of these installations have been commercial from business owners sharing what they’re doing to save money. Installed solar capacity has exploded  800% in the past five years, with state efforts to get panels on to churches and schools. In August, Governor Cuomo announced that utilities would be required to source half of the state’s electricity from solar and wind by 2030.

“Solar power in New York city is finally hitting its renaissance. While incentives, tax credits and resources have been made available to New Yorkers for a number of years, it was really just a matter of coming up with innovative financing models that allow New Yorkers to catch up with what’s been happening across the country.”- Posie Constable, business development manager at New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation (NYCEEC)

New York has set the bar pretty high now for the other states who haven’t supported solar yet to follow. Not only are people building solar grid communities to trade power with each other, read more about it out in one of our recent blogs, now the government is giving THOUSANDS for people and business. Pretty soon everyone will be seeing panels spring up in the most unexpected places and will be eager to switch to solar. The City gets a little brighter every new panel they put up.

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